dissabte, 6 de març de 2021

Our friends of Only Meat

Normally, we write our posts in this blog in Catalan, but today we'll type these lines in English because we'll talk about and very special place in Torrevieja were the most part of clients speak this language.

Foto propietat de Only Meat.

Only Meat are gourmmet shops that have the best meats in this area and specialities, family run butchers in Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa offering meat of the highest quality.

Foto propietat de Only Meat.

You can find also a selected offering of wines, and now, you can find also our wine La Guinardera, a very good choose to drink with these great meats.

Foto propietat de Only Meat.

You can meet they:

Only Meat
Calle Josefa Rebollo Rodriguez, 47-34
03183 Torrevieja

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